Benton County Dems Club* Votes to Disband Jan 2023

At the January 23, 2023 General Meeting the membership voted on and approved the motion made at the November 28, 2022 General Meeting to discontinue Benton County Dems club as a organization.   Those who have followed our newsletters are aware that it had become increasingly difficult to find any members willing to serve in leadership positions.   All of 2022 was spent with a short staff performing in multiple capacities just to keep things running; and when sufficient volunteers could not be found for 2023, it became clear that continuing long-term in that state just wasn't practical.  

While all members present felt that BC Dems continued to provide a useful function, the decrease in member participation from the disruptions of COVID-19 proved too much to overcome.  

Those former BCDems members who are not already members of the Democratic Party of Benton County are encouraged to consider joining that organization to stay connected with activities and candidates of the Democratic Party, and to continue to support Democratic candidates at the County, State, and Federal level.  

* Benton County Dems (formerly Benton County Democrats) was a social and informational organization that shared common goals with the Democratic Party, but this organization itself did not represent or serve as an agent of either the Democratic Party or the Democratic Party of Arkansas.   A separate organization, the Democratic Party of Benton County (DPBC), represents the Democratic Party of Arkansas for Benton County, and a link to their web site is included below.  

The website will be reachable on this temporary site until July 8, 2023.

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